Post Demoncore: v0.1.2 (Devlog 6)

Change Log: + added dr_bonetower map as the first level + changed controls so that it controls similar to a ps1 game + added controls menu + added audio menu + fixed issue with fog + added some of the puzzle elements to dr_forest page

Post-Demoncore: devlog 5 (V0.1.1)

Change log: +Fixed issue where the collision mesh for the door outside the shop blocked the path +Added start bone tower map +Fixed missing meshes on windows The main point of this update was to fixed problems with the windows version where the game couldn’t read some of the object meshes. To fix this I […]

Post Demoncore: Devlog 4

Saving Since The last Dev log The main thing I have managed to implement is the save system. This works by searching for “persist” nodes and running a “save” method on them. This method returns a JSON object with the variables that need to be persisted after a game load. These values are saved to […]

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