Made a Zine at Connect

Created a Zine at the local trans group about monsters from my fictional universe. I have some more of my drawings on my tumblr:


Post Demoncore: Devlog 10

Robert and Calvin’s Bomber. Since the last dev log I have been working on doing some concept art. Mainly designing the converted bomber the rebels use to transport the PC to the Hasjn base. The ship is based on a SAAB 17 a Swedish WW2 bomber. In the universe of the game it has an Post Demoncore: Devlog 10


Post Demoncore: Devlog 9 (v0.1.4)

v0.1.4 + redone dr_start and dr_shop in Crocotile 3d + added selectable inventory + added flash of red when damaged + added noclip command + added title screen background level + Enfield No2 is now 3d and animated + added syringe Most of this update is redoing the models for the level. dr_start and dr_shop Post Demoncore: Devlog 9 (v0.1.4)